Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Big Fight Over the Pope's Words (What Else is New?)

Since I can't seem to find a proper graphic for my planned post on the Miraculous Medal, I'm going to move on for the time being.

Pope Benedict XVI's commentary on Psalm 136 (137) is causing quite a stir in cyberspace, though I don't think it even approaches the buzz that was stirred up after the release of the document on homosexuals in seminaries last month (it's December now!).

Some "Reformist" Christians are jumping to respond to the Pope's supposed comments on a Free Religion forum thread, given the Zenit headline "Nonbelievers Too Can Be Saved, Says Pope." The poster of the tenth comment on the thread was quick to point out the misleading nature of this headline. This didn't stop the "Reformists" from leaving their "two cents" of criticism of the Pope in general. The good Catholics on FR, of course, rose to the defense of the Pope and the Catholic Church.

One of my "partners in crime" at the Cornell Society for a Good Time also made a good point. Iosephus wrote that Blessed Pius IX, in his in his allocution, Singulari Quadem, made clear that "that there is a state known as invincible ignorance; what it would take for one to be in a state of invincible ignorance, however, is not altogether clear. In any case, this is a matter for God to judge--not us--even as it remains for us to do our utmost to bring others to the Faith, to the Catholic Church, which is the Mystical Body of Christ."

It's always good to read Blessed Pius IX's words in relation to a present-day issue!


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