Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sts. Thomas More and John Fisher, orant pro nobis!

The Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware, which is the diocese I was born and raised in, has distributed an insert to their weekly publication, the Dialog, which contains a litany to St. Thomas More, and a statement from Bishop Saltarelli explaining why he decided to share this litany with the faithful in his diocese, and asked Catholic to pray the litany "especially for politicians who take public anti-life positions." My mother sent me a copy of this litany, and I intend to pray it during the 8 days before Election Day, and Election Day itself. You can download the .pdf file of the insert off the Diocese's home page.

After my mother sent me this insert, I talked to her about it, and I mentioned St. John Fisher, who is a great example for our bishops today. He was the only English bishop who stood up to King Henry VIII, first when he tried to divorce Catherine of Aragon, and then when he began his separation from the Catholic Church. We need more courageous bishops who will take public stands against homosexuality, abortion, and for Christian morality, and are willing to take any kind of criticism, or even persecution for the sake of the Catholic faith. When we see a group of public heretics challenge the tax-exempt status of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and the Archdiocese of Denver, because their shepherds have simply stood up for Catholic beliefs, we must support these bishops, and pray that God sends us more bishops of their kind.

St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, orant pro nobis!

Brompton Oratory, London, England: Side oratory dedicated to the Martyrs of England. Above the altar, on the left side is St. Thomas More; on the right is St. John Fisher; and in the middle is the gallows of Tyburn, where many Catholics died for the faith.
(Taken by Matthew on 5 September 2004)


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