Dignare Me Laudare Te, Virgo Sacrata

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Traditional Feast of St. Catherine of Siena

O Catherine.... Pray, too, for unhappy Italy, which was so dear to thee, and which is so justly proud of its Saint of Siena. Impiety and heresy are now permitted to run wild through the land; the name of thy Spouse is blasphemed; the people are taught to love error, and to hate what they hitherto venerated; the Church is insulted and robbed; faith has long since been weakened, but now its very existence is imperilled. Intercede for thy unfortunate country, dear Saint! oh! surely, it is time to come to her assistance, and rescue her from the hands of her enemies. The whole Church hopes that thou mayest effect the deliverance of this her illustrious province: delay not, but calm the storm which seems to threaten a universal wreck![from Dom Guéranger's entry in "The Liturgical Year" for April 30th, "St. Catherine of Siena"]