Monday, May 31, 2010

Last TLM at Georgetown for 2009-10 Academic Year

I must apologize to the Traditional Latin Mass devotees at Georgetown University for my extreme delay in getting this up. They concluded their 2009-10 academic year with a Low Mass on 4 May 2010. Father Stephen Fields, SJ offered the Mass in St. William's Chapel for the feast day of St. Monica. It was the first TLM in the chapel since probably the 1960s.

Orate fratres...

The elevation of the chalice containing the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Ecce Agnus Dei!

The final blessing

A close-up of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima at Georgetown University. It's nice to see evidence that devotion to Our Lady is still alive there.


Anonymous Dr. Ernest Evans said...

To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for posting this picture of Our Lady of Fatima's statue at Georgetown University. I remember this statue well. In August 1975, in the midst of the effort by the Portuguese Communist Party to seize power in Portugal, I prayed a rosary in front of this statue to petition Our Lady of Fatima to strengthen and support the democratic forces in Portugal headed by the great Mario Soares. A few weeks later a Communist insurrection was put down by the Soares government--ending the threat of a Communist takeover in Portugal. I am so, so glad that GU has this statue on its campus. Sincerely, Respectfully and In Christ, Dr. Ernest Evans (Visiting Professor of Political Science at GU, 1985-1986.)

12:16 PM  

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