Monday, June 16, 2008

Fr. Romanoski and the FSSP's Historic Mass in Harrisburg Cathedral

Two weeks after offering the first Solemn High Mass in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in about 40 years, newly-ordained priest Fr. Jonathan Romanoski and his brothers in the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter made history again, this time with a Solemn High Mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the first since the 1960s.

During the Canon of the Mass, at the Elevation of either the Sacred Host or the Precious Blood of Christ

As the New Liturgical Movement blog detailed last summer (via For God, For Country and For Yale), the Cathedral underwent restoration during recent years. Unlike many "wreckovations" done on historic churches the world over, the sprucing up at St. Patrick's was done very beautifully.

A closer shot of the altar in St. Patrick's

The ceiling in the apse above the sanctuary of St. Patrick's

[Both of the above pictures were originally posted on For God, For Country and For Yale.]

Fr. Romanoski and the clerics assisting him during the Mass wore the same beautiful vestments they did at the National Shrine.

Fr. Eric Flood, FSSP gave the homily during the Mass.

Mr. Michael Gorre of the American TFP took the pictures from the Mass featured above [many thanks to him for granting permission to post them here]. His fellow members of the TFP provided the music during the Solemn High Mass, as they normally do at St. Lawrence parish nearby, which is where the Traditional Latin Mass is offered every other Sunday in Harrisburg.

Besides its beautiful main altar and overall design/architecture, St. Patrick's also has spectacular stained glass. An example of this is the window depicting the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

(Picture courtesy of Mr. Michael Gorre)

[For other pictures from the Mass by Mr. Michael Gorre, go to photo album at Solemn High Mass at Harrisburg Cathedral.]

Thanks be to God for this glorious occasion! Thanks should also be extended to Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Harrisburg, not only for generosity in letting the Mass be offered in the Cathedral, but also for his establishing of the "Mater Dei Community" for the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Lawrence's in December 2007. Bishop Rhoades invited the Priestly Fraternity to administer all of the traditional rites of the sacraments there.

Besides his advocacy of the Traditional Latin Mass, Bishop Rhoades is also known for his staunch support of the pro-life movement. Shortly after his return to Harrisburg as bishop in 2005, he lead a procession to a local abortuary, as well as the Rosary said in front of it. The TFP did a write-up on this procession, as well as Bishop Rhoades past pro-life activities in Harrisburg when he was a parish priest.

May St. John Fisher, the patron saint of bishops, whose martyrdom we commemmorate later this month, intercede always for Bishop Rhoades, and all his brother bishops!


Anonymous Mary S. said...

That's so wondeful! I love that stained glass window! One of my favorite part of Catholic churches(except Who is in the Tabranacle of course!)Tradition is making a slow return, thank God, and the pro-life movement is really in action. Oh, and please leave me a comment! (I'm desperate!) And do you go to St. Aplhonsus in Baltimore? I've seen some posts on your blog about it.


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